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Fujian YuSiMeng umbrella Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in the "Chinese umbrella -Dongshi town", located in Dong Shi Zhen TA tou Liu Gongye district. The company was founded in 1989, after more than a decade of carve, the company is a professional engaged in umbrellas, design, development production and sales, setcold, iron groove, an umbrella cloth (injection), a comprehensive enterprise productdevelopment umbrella production.

The company since its establishment in 2000, "YuSiMeng" brand umbrella as the company brand, has won the "Chinese famous brand, national inspection free products" title. "Pioneering, innovation, sincerity, the credibility of" the enterprise spirit,efforts to open up markets at home and abroad.

In 2006 the company to expand production scale, founded YuSiMeng plastic department, into the independent development, production of three head andumbrella plastic parts, the introduction of advanced injection molding equipment, thecompany many years of production experience and finished umbrella umbrellaTechnology Center R & D staff joint development, set industry demand and the market trend, the independent development of the umbrella head mold, mass production routine series, three series, automatic self development series (including self provided the development and production of the rib) and a series of relatedumbrella head plastic products.

Companies adhering to the "first-class talent first-class products, first-class servicemoved all the customer" for the purpose, the leading innovation technology,innovative products to consumers, the real form of "people-oriented" business philosophy, laying a solid foundation for the realization of the grand goal of the company.

Fujian YuSiMeng umbrella industry Co. Ltd. plastic department wholeheartedlywelcome customers at home and abroad!

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